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I have shared several times this year how excited I am to do Classical Conversations with the boys, including one child in challenge this year! We officially got started this past week and yesterday they went for the open house. Next week is our official first community day! YAY! I have written a few posts on the topic like my Ultimate Book list- Read it here! 

We all know that learning doesn’t always come from books. My middle son is a kinetic learner (hands-on) like his daddy. We can find a variety of manipulatives, movies and games that can help us learn throughout our journey! I compiled a list of games and movies for Cycle three! Read: the Game and Movie List Here!

Since we started our studies at home Monday, we are ready to buckle down and enjoy this cycle and new adventures! We love homeschool and love the joy of learning. It is just so wonderful to see our kids grow and learn as we teach them diligently.

Another reason why I’m excited about this year is my love for history. History was my favorite subject when I was in school and definitely my favorite subject as a homeschooler. Having said that, I am thrilled to bring to you my review of U.S. History Detective, Book 1 from The Critical Thinking Co.!!! 

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U.S. History Detective® Book 1U.S. History Detective® Book 1


Reviewing U.S History Detectives could not have been timed more perfectly! Just as we were getting set to begin the year, it was delivered! First, I want to say that I was absolutely blown away by all the details! I could also see that it was going to be very easy to use and something that my now teenager would love! 

Having reviewed for the Critical Thinking Co. HERE, I already knew the quality of material I would receive from this company. They also have a reputation for their fantastic homeschool or supplemental educational materials. They are always very popular at the Homeschool Conventions also! 

Here is a bit about U.S. History Detective:

Sixty-five (65) lessons are included in the book. It is packed full enough that it honestly could be a stand alone curriculum.  It can be bought on Amazon or from Christianbook.com Here is what is covered:

  • The Colonial Era
  • The Revolutionary Era
  • The Federal Era
  • The Nationalism Era
  • The Reform Era
  • The Expansion Era
  • The Sectional Conflict Era
  • The Civil War Era
  • Reconstruction Era

Each unit or section begins with an overview of major events, changes, geographical information and historical figures that influenced that era.  Each lesson contains several pages of reading.  Although the information is in-depth and very thorough, each lesson is far from boring.  The Critical Thinking Co. ensures their material is incredibly interesting and easy to study.  Multiple choice and essay questions are found at the end of each lesson to help reinforce what your student—or you— have learned.

This book is recommended for grades 8-12, but as you have noticed in my previous reviews, I am not one to follow such recommendations all the time. HA!  One of the many blessings of homeschool is the ability to place a child where he or she will do their best!  We used this curriculum by reading the lessons together and discussing the review/essay questions at the end.  There is a lot of information that younger children can pick up on and learn as well.

I feel this curriculum has many uses besides just learning history; it is also a wonderful book for developing writing, reading, reading comprehension skills, and vocabulary!  This curriculum also aids in facilitating the lesson plan for those of us (ahem, me specifically) who have a tendency of traveling down rabbit trails while teaching.  After studying the lessons, we also spent time looking up some of the locations, historical figures and information in various other resources.  It was wonderful to lead kids in investigating the information for themselves.

What I also love is the fact that you can check out sample pages to U.S. History Detective  by going =>HERE!

Pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon and grab these other amazing US History Resources!

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In Awe,

 I received US History Detectives at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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