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5 Helpful Tips to Make Bible Reading Easier

The difference that reading my Bible has made in my life is phenomenal. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do this on a regular basis. Daily time with God spent reading His word, speaking with Him in prayer and seeking His wisdom is extremely important in spiritual growth. Your journey and walk with Jesus is your own and reading your Bible is your map. Bible reading will enable you to:

  • Get to know Him better and draw you closer
  • See the big picture; understand the direction and purpose for your life
  • Build on your knowledge of the scripture; especially important for sharing your testimony and ministering to others as God has called us all to do.

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Sometimes reading and comprehending what is written can be challenging, especially in the beginning if you’re a new Christ follower. It can also be challenging if you’re a seasoned follower but veered off the path and need a fresh start. There are simple things you can do to get the most out of your Bible reading time. First and foremost, PRAY. Pray for understanding, wisdom and patience. Ask God to speak to you through His word and guide your actions. Here are 5 Helpful Tips to Make Bible Reading Easier:

  • Remove any distractions: It can be difficult processing what you are reading when there is a lot of conversation or activity going on around you. I find it especially helpful read my Bible when I have quiet time alone. Early mornings, lunch time and late at night work well for me. My favorite place to read the Bible is in the car or at a park because I’m uninterrupted and being outdoors puts me in a relaxed and positive mood.
  • Consider reading a simpler version:  I was raised King James Version (KJV) only. Choosing a version can be a hot topic amongst Christians. I’ve received a lot of push back about my decision to switch to another version of the Bible. I’d rather read a slightly different version and understand the context of what’s there than to struggle and get nothing out of it. I’ve been told by many people how important a specific version is because it’s not altered. Guess what, it all has slight variations from what was written originally. I highly recommend the NKJV version and the CHS (Christian Holman Version). I also read the New International Version (NIV) occasionally when studying scripture as another resource to compare. My advice is for you to read through a few different versions and see which one resonates with you and determine where you are most comfortable. The best version available is the version you read.
  • Take it slow. Reading the bible is not like a reading a novel. There is no race to finish it. Let God lead you to where you need to be. Sometimes less can be more. Begin with one verse per day – read it, pray on it, study it in context. Ask yourself how it’s applicable to your life today. Give yourself time to absorb it. 
  • Write it down. Taking notes or putting things on paper can improve your comprehension. It’s a great tool for studying and I encourage you to write scripture as often as you can. It’s a good idea to research online commentary and put your thoughts to paper. Write out any questions you have and seek answers in His word and through prayer. Available are Bibles specifically designed for study and note taking and might be something you want to consider. Leaving behind a Bible with your thoughts written in the notes can be a precious gift to your family members. I recently received a new one that I’ve been reading nonstop.                                                                                                                 

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    CSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouchCSB She Reads Truth Bible, Navy LeatherTouch


                                                                                                                                                    I also have a Bible study method I use called Journaling Through the Bible. Many confuse this method with art and coloring in your Bible. However, Journaling Through the Bible is writing out the scriptures to help in your walk. This is a simple, old school study method that has been tested through the ages. 

  • Start with the New Testament: You might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to read the bible in the order it is laid out. Unless you have a chronological Bible, you’re not getting the information in a direct timeline anyway. You might try tackling a book at a time or, better yet, start with the New Testament. I believe it’s easier to start there because Genesis can be a tough place to start with the repetition that appears so early on and I want you to avoid losing interest. Many people believe the New Testament is more applicable to life today.

Bonus tip- There are many who also love to listen to music while they study God’s word or to add this in as a part of your study and alone time. I also love music at times during my studies- or even as a part of bringing worship throughout the day! Well, Matthew West has a brand new CD out for pre-order! It is called “All In.”  He wrote this CD as a way of not only encouraging himself, but others to really get off the sidelines of their faith and to live it out! So after your study time with the Lord, live it out. Get out there in your community, your neighborhood, schools, churches, and be ALL In. Live it out, and live it loud. Conquer those fears of whatever it is that is holding you back from becoming all God made you to be! 

All InAll In


I was sent an advanced copy of his CD from Flyby to check out and I am very impressed. Right now Matthew West has an “All In” Challenge on his social media to encourage and for accountability! You can follow along with him, and others as they live it out- All In!  Check out the video from Broken Things—-

So if you have given up Bible reading or just aren’t spending much time there these days, recommit yourself. Your Bible is your direct communication with God and He’s waiting to hear from you. Pop in a CD, worship. Then dive into the word! I would love to hear from you below! What are you currently studying?

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