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Hi! My name is Laura and I’m a small-town country girl, a veteran’s wife, a homeschool mama and a homemaker! I’m here to show you how to be the best YOU!

Air Fryer Jicama Fries!

I put forth my best effort in controlling my carb intake. It is a constant battle of the wills and, since we're being honest, I am a southerner who comes from a long line of good cooks and I love to eat great tasting food. A constant battle, I tell ya. One of the...

10 Must Have Essential Oils For Your Home

Essential oils are versatile and can enrich your home life in a variety of ways. While you’re reading about all of the benefits they have to offer, I bet you’ll be surprised by the number of ways you can use them in your home. Today, I plan to discuss the top 10...

Must Try Instant Pot Maple Bourbon Ham

When I think about my favorite holidays, I can't help but think about the menu with a beautifully glazed ham. A glazed ham is a feature of many feasts and special occasions. One way to give your store-bought ham a homemade twist is to sauce it up with maple syrup and...

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Book List (History + Geography)

If you are in Classical Conversations (CC), you will immediately recognize the requirements between the different cycles. While we have followed the CC module with a Charlotte Mason twist for years, we finished our first full year of CC even though we had used the...

Air Fryer Ranch Seasoned Chickpeas

  Air Fryer Ranch Seasoned Chickpeas If you own an Air Fryer and like chickpeas, have I got a new recipe for you to try! Air Fryer Ranch Seasoned Chickpeas are THE midday snack. This recipe is incredibly simple to make, it is packed full of ranch flavor, and the...

7 ways to study your Bible and get the most from it

I grew up listening to Billy Graham sermons and crusades. He was one of my Hero's of the Faith. A few years back, Clay and I were blessed to attend a Military conference at The Cove. It was wonderful experience and we learned more there about his walk with the Lord. A...

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Perfect Summer Instant Pot Sweet Tea

Perfect Summer Instant Pot Sweet Tea Any sweet tea lovers out there? I have a recipe today that will rock your world! Instant Pot Sweet Tea....yes, you read that right! I have created the perfect sweet tea recipe and the Instant Pot gets the job done. Tea blended...

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Natural Dye Easter Eggs For The Instant Pot

Natural Dye Easter Eggs For The Instant Pot Skip the kits that you can buy in stores with little tablets of color that dissolve in the vinegar/water mixture. Color Easter eggs the natural way with homemade dyes from basic ingredients like purple cabbage, blackberries,...

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