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How to Create a Home People Will Want to Spend Time In

It has been a while since I shared my first post about hospitality. One thing I didn't discuss on this topic is creating a house that is inviting. But just because you enjoy having people over doesn't mean that people will naturally just show up. You have to...
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Ahoy Matey! Fun Facts About Pirates Study +Recipe!

Fun Facts About Pirates Unit Study 1. Governments would hire private sailors to attack enemy ships in war. Most pirates didn’t start off as lawless captains. In fact, many of them got their start when governments would hire them to raid their enemy’s ships. The...
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Air Fryer Donuts-Two Ways

History suggests that one of America's favorite treats, the donut, was invented in North America by Dutch settlers. The Smithsonian has a wonderful article that tells all about this tasty treat! All I know is that they are so good when fresh! My mom learned at a young...
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Preparing Freezer Meals With an Instant Pot

Chances are you joined us when I introduced the series on "meal planning using your instant pot." If not, you might be looking at the title thinking, "What? I can do that?" Yes, as a matter of fact, you can! If you have been using your Instant Pot and not doing any...
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Fun Facts About Ice Cream! Plus+ Recipe, Activities, and Printable!

Fun Facts About Ice Cream 1. Marco Polo brought ice cream to Europe. For more than 1300 years, Europeans didn’t know about ice cream. However, thanks to Marco Polo, an Italian traveler and merchant from Venice, they had their first taste of ice cream in the early...
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How to Prepare for Classical Conversations- Foundations 

  How to Prepare for Classical Conversations - Foundations    This next homeschool year will involve some changes; changes I'm excited about. Our family has made the decision to put our kids into Classical Conversations. There are many reasons why this...
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Homeschool using Learn with Diagrams

While this post has been sponsored by Learn with Diagrams and I received this program for free, my thoughts and opinions have not been swayed in any way. How to use Learn With Diagrams in your Homeschool I recently discovered an amazing tool in Learn with Diagrams to...

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Chronicles of Narnia: Unit Study, Activities & Turkish Delight Recipe!

I am excited to announce that I am starting something new here on my website. I have a Facebook group already where I share book suggestions. However, I want to bring a bit more life to that here! I would like to begin a series by the same name of my Facebook group...

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