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This week has been emotionally difficult. I had spoken to Mandy a few hours prior to her passing. We were laughing at one of my Facebook posts that was causing quite a stir. She comforted me as I her. We giggled, laughed, scratched our heads at some of the comments. Then in her gentle Christ-like way, she sent me a link about losing your witness on Facebook. We talked and laughed some more about many things. One of the things we discussed that continues to remain at the top of my memory is the importance of sisters in Christ being there for each other and holding each other accountable.

(Photo Credit: Mandy Kelly and Rosilind Jukic)

I can’t get past the fact how short this life is. Mandy and I talked on Monday. If I would have known it was the last time I was able to speak with her, would I have been laughing and joking with her? I woke up Tuesday to the news. This news truly has rocked my core this week. I blindly went through the emotions of the day. I was supposed to be preparing to leave for Teach Them Diligently Conference in Arkansas. Instead, I wanted to hold my babies a little longer, crawl into bed and put bubble wrap around us all. 

As I am sitting here writing this, I am in a convention center listening to the hustle and bustle of homeschool families pouring over curriculum. Mandy and I were supposed to attend this conference as well as the other conferences together. She was going to be involved in her own booth and Classical Conversations, which she so loved happens to have a booth on the other side of me. Every time I look in that direction, I expect to see her smiling face and graceful demeanor. Across from my booth is Mystery Of History. I reflect on the mystery of God and question why He took such a loving soul. I’m quickly snapped back to reality and pray that God removes these questions from my mind. Instead of trying to rely on my own understanding, rely on His and know it His Will all things be done. 
As the conference continues, more people are seen visiting the many booths. I am reflecting on what it is that I have learned from her. Mandy has written for me. This week, I have poured over the posts she wrote as well as the posts on her own blog. I visited her Facebook page reading through her timeline, just trying to soak it all in and remember this dear friend of mine. I try to hold back the tears, but my emotions won’t allow it.  
The main take away from Mandy’s life is that we are never promised tomorrow. Mandy went to bed having lived her Monday just like every other Monday. As I read through her timeline, she talked to a lot of people that night. These last words are now lasting words for many of us.  
What is Worshipful Living? I’m sure everyone defines this differently. For me, Worshipful Living means I look for small everyday moments that keep me in awe and worship with our Lord. As I have poured over Mandy’s posts both on my website and her own this week, I am just in awe. Then I go down her facebook wall and see post after post that reflects Mandy’s life that we can’t see, but we can get a glimpse of by reading. Her posts on worshipful living and how she lived that in her everyday life. She truly lived out exactly what she wrote. She lived her life intentionally reflecting worshipful living.
I want to be her when I grow up. Not her exactly, but I want to make sure that my words are not just posts on a website. My words are a reflection of how I live and who I am. I want to live out the scriptures daily and living each day as it were my last. Living each day intentionally reflecting worshipful living. Reading her posts has made me self asses my own life. I want to be the ME that God created me to be, so I can be the ME that worships Him the way He intended for me to do.
He has a plan for each of us and while that plan may look differently, the Lord of all creation has created us all to live our life worshiping Him.
This weekend I got to do just that. I did it right there at a convention that Mandy and I discussed attending together. As each family came to my booth, I had an opportunity to minister to them. I thought of her often this weekend including when we had our blogger meet up. There were tears shed by all of us that night. I think I can speak for every blogger in that room, the impact of Mandy’s life was huge. It hit most of us ladies who blog in Christian ministry circles. I think all of us in that room want to leave a larger footprint. Not of our name, but of HIS.
Mandy Kelly, her husband Scott, daughter Lizzie, and son Judah passed away the 21st of March, 2017. Today, my fellow blogger friends and I join together and honor them.  She left a lasting footprint here on the interwebs that I hope will live on in the hearts of all of us for years to come. Here are some of her recent posts you won’t want to miss….

Mandy also wrote for me sometimes. If you missed any of her recent posts, you can find them —>>>HERE. 

 Take time to sift through the posts in the link up below and reflect on the impact Mandy had on so, so many. Especially in women’s ministry and our blogging community.
Also, there is a donation set up through her church. This will go to her remaining two children to help provide for them. If you would like to give, here is the contact for that: 
Trinity Baptist Church
2003 Charleston Hwy.
Cayce, SC 29033You can also donate via the Trinity’s website. There is a GIVE button on the menu. Choose the ‘Kelly’s’ from the drop down options.
NOTE: This link up is for Tribute to Mandy and her family only. Please don’t leave a link unless you are doing that. Thank you! <3 

In Awe,

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