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When I attended a PWOC Convention in Nashville a few years ago, I met the sweet, musically gifted worship leader Laura Story. She shared her life, her heart and her music with thousands of military wives who gathered together at the international conference. I am truly blessed to have been able to spend time with such an amazing woman with an amazing heart for God. 

Music has always been a way of hope and healing. In Psalm 98:4 we are told to “make a joyful noise.” Those joyful noises not only inspire us, but also those around us. When we feel like we can’t breath because the stresses of our lives are suffocating us, we can hear or sometimes sing a song and our moods are totally changed. We feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders. Sometimes music can even exceed spoken words. There is even an entire book in the Bible dedicated to songs! David, the man after God’s own heart, recognized the importance of music and song.

After meeting Laura and her family, I can’t tell you how much her song Blessings meant to me. Not only do I know the story behind the song, I know the singer behind the story.  

Her new album Open Hands is simply amazing! Her ability to tell a story in such a poetic way is astonishing. You can hear her heart in each lyric. Here is a what she said about the album:

“I wanted to make an album so that each song I write would be just that seed of hope or that lifeline that someone listens to during that tough moment and thinks, ‘I’m going to choose to trust God, even during this,'” Story shares. “I pray that God would speak through me in the midst of the music.”

In Laura’s new CD, Open Hands, she includes 11 brand new songs:

  1. Death Was Arrested
  2. Open Hands
  3. You Came Running
  4. Give You Faith
  5. For The Love Of My King
  6. Awake My Soul (A 1000 Tongues)
  7. Whisper
  8. Every Word You Breathe
  9. Majesty
  10. Extraordinary
  11. Grace Abounds

One of my favorite songs on the CD was Awake My Soul. You can get a listen below: 

Personally, music is a true part of worship for me. I love a good sermon, but the music helps me to feel the sermon throughout my soul. I understand Laura’s purpose for this CD and I pray that it helps many who feel there’s just no hope, that their problems are insurmountable. I also pray that everyone who hears these songs will feel the love of God through the lyrics.

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In Awe,


***I received a copy of this CD from Flyby. While I did receive the CD, the opinions expressed are my own.***

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