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“I’m participating in the KEEP CHRIST in CHRISTMAS Blog Link-Up 2013

sponsored by the Catholic Bloggers Network.

I am not Catholic but when I heard about this series that was coming up, I wanted to join. With so much hustle and bustle that goes on this time of year, quickly Christ can be shifted to the side even with good intentions.

For our family here are some of the ways that we try to keep Christ in Christmas….

For our Homeschool

We pause our regular studies and study Christmas Around the World.  We always bring the stories around CHRIST.  We really enjoy the break in regular studies and this gives us a chance to really dive in and study God’s word and about his birth and its significance.

This year we are also adding in My Christmas Wish


You can read my review of this wonderful Advent study above. We cannot wait to start this tomorrow!

For Our Family Life

We Celebrate Advent  and each evening we look forward to our studies together! Doing advent each year has helped our boys faith grow so much! Even the youngest can tell you exactly what CHRISTmas is about because year after year the story is told and the focus on Christ.

We also do not do Santa. I know this is controversial but this is the decision we made for our family, which you can read about here.  We do celebrate St Nicholas Day on December the 6th to just have fun with it and if we see Santa out, we don’t run and hide. However, my kids are always told the truth about him:).


I think that part of keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas is finding a good Bible believing church, who focuses on the importance of our Saviors birth.

Our church also has some extras that really help keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas too.  This year we are having a music Cotanna and the children are also putting on their own production. We also as a church will bake cookies for the jail ministry just to name a few of the ways our church family has activities that bring the church together for fun and fellowship, keeping Christ as the Center of it all.


Those are a few ways our family keeps CHRIST in CHRISTmas. What are some ways you family works to keep Christ as the Center during this busy holiday time?



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