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Homeschool Field Trips in Tennessee

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to begin a series on Homeschool Field trips in YOUR state. I would like to take you through the 50 States this year by showcasing a state every few weeks!

Explore your state and get hands-on study of your coursework when you expand your classroom walls. Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to take field trips with your children to distant places. There are so many affordable (even free) places to extend your children’s learning! Here are some homeschool field trips in Tennessee you will all enjoy and forget you’re there to learn!

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The Museum of Biblical History

Add to your Bible or Theology curriculum with a field trip to The Museum of Biblical History. Directors have collected archaeological artifacts from biblical lands to showcase in this one-of-a-kind museum. Group Tours are offered at only $3/person (ages six and up). Educational programs are also available including lectures, story time, workshops and archaeological digs. Some programs include “What is Biblical History?”, “Jesus Comes to Bethlehem”, and “Paul’s Road to Rome”. In the summer, students 9-17 can participate in archaeological field workshops (fees apply). Boy Scouts can even earn their Archaeology Merit Badge! Check out this museum for an in-depth look at biblical history!

Great Smoky Mountain Arts & Crafts Community

Tennessee’s rich history of art is showcased in an eight mile loop in Gatlinburg. Check out the craft shows throughout the year in the Gatlinburg Convention Center. Many of the artists and crafters showcased have been producing art in their families for generations, as early as the mid 1700s, as a way to earn a living for their family. Teach your children about styles of art and explore Tennessee art history with these special events and shops in the community.

Civil War Sites
Throughout Tennessee

It would take you an entire school year to explore all the Civil War sites in Tennessee. Start in your area equipped with a Civil War trails map and resources from your local visitor center or chamber of commerce. Try this list of historical sites in Knoxville including Fort Sanders and the Ramsey House Plantation. Your children could read about Tennessee Civil War History in books, or they could walk the steps the soldiers took in these incredible sites throughout the state!

Lucky Ladd Farms

Lucky Ladd Farms offers homeschool farm tours. Designed for students ages 4-10, your kids will spend a day with animals, interactive activities, and learning about science! Past educational lessons include flower studies and fossil mining. The cost is between $9-$11/person dependent on tax-exempt status and dates of attendance. Play and learn on the farm with a fun field trip for elementary-aged students!

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Nashville Symphony

Music is such an important part of a child’s growth and development in learning! The Nashville Symphony offers free concerts for students (including homeschoolers) throughout the year. Discounted rates of $10 are available for adults (chaperones). A curriculum is included to help you facilitate activities related to the field trip. Incorporate music and education with this amazing resource in your state!

Help your children learn about Tennessee history, explore music, art, and science, and learn about their religious history with these 5 homeschool field trips in Tennessee!

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