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Does having a clean house make you more Godly? Well, that depends. People who have clean houses certainly aren’t more Godly than people who have messy houses. BUT if you are anything like me, the state of your house can have a huge effect on your mood! I know when my house is a disaster (and this happens more than I’d like to admit), I feel overwhelmed, grouchy and irritable. I have a really, really hard time relaxing or getting anything done. When my house is clean, however, it’s a whole different story. I feel calm, peaceful, and ready to take on the day! 

If this happens to you too, then yes! cleaning your house really can make you more Godly! So what are we waiting for? Here’s five tips for keeping your house in order so you can relax and focus on more important things.

1. Make a To-Do List

Looking around a messy home can be so overwhelming. Whenever I’m about to tackle a huge task, I start with a detailed to-do list. It helps me stay focused on what needs to get done, and crossing items off of the list is very motivating. Don’t just write “clean the house”–get specific! For example, “wash the dishes, mop the floor, clean the toilet.” It’s a small trick, but it can really help you get things done.

2. Make a Daily Schedule

If you have all day to get around to something, it will probably take you all day. Instead of “getting around to it,” schedule out your day with specific times you clean, work, play with the kids, etc. Stick to this schedule and before you know it, it will become habit and it will help if you homeschool, to have a balance too.

Be sure to schedule things at the most efficient times too. If you like waking up to a clean house, schedule your cleaning time for the evening once the kids have gone to bed. If you would rather relax after a long day, schedule your cleaning time for the afternoon. Find a time that works for you.

3. Make a Weekly Schedule

Personally, I clean whatever is bugging me the most, but a lot of people love assigning certain tasks to certain days. For example, maybe Monday is laundry day and Friday is the day you mop all of the floors. For more detailed information on how to implement a cleaning schedule, check out this post by Modern Parents, Messy Kids.

4. Work One Room at a Time

If your cleaning style consists of going through the house and picking up a few things here and there randomly, you could clean for an hour and see no real progress. Instead of cleaning the whole house all at once, focus on one specific area. It won’t be long until you see progress and that will motivate you to keep going.

5. Enlist Everyone’s Help

If you like cleaning the entire house yourself, by all means. Otherwise, there is no reason the rest of your family can’t help. Our motto is “In our house, everybody helps.” Even children as young as one can help picking things up and putting them away. They might not be fast yet, but start them young and it will become habit. (Plus, while they are “helping” you with one thing, they aren’t destroying something else!) My one year old can pick up blocks, close the dishwasher and bring me the dustpan. My Eight-year old can clean his room, help put dishes away, help put groceries away and gather up the laundry.

Want to learn more on how to get your home organized? Some suggestions including the Fly Lady!

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How does your home usually look? Pretty clean or a complete disaster? Do you think it affects your ability to be a Godly woman?

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