Do you love books? Here are some of my favorites!

Chronicles of Narnia: Unit Study, Activities & Turkish Delight Recipe!

I am excited to announce that I am starting something new here on my website. I have a Facebook group already where I share book suggestions. However, I want to bring a bit more life to that here! I would like to begin a series by the same name of my Facebook group...

Living History With Heirloom Productions: Beric the Briton

Heirloom Audio Productions is a wonderful way to bring history to life with their radio drama adaptation of G.A.Henty's Beric the Briton.  I am excited to share more in my review! I'm an avid supporter of the Charlotte Mason method of education and one of the tools...

Stitched in Love!

(My Aunt Macy and Aunt Bonnie) When I visit some of my friends  houses, I love to see a quilt that has been handed down through generations.  This small, hand-sewn cloth takes me to my childhood.  Handmade quilts have always been a part of my family.  My Aunt Macy was...

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