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Hi everyone! I’m Cait and I blog over at Cait’s Cozy Corner! I’m so excited to be guest posting today on Laura’s blog!

Today I wanted to share a fun post about adding extra storage to a tiny bathroom! I remember living in a small apartment in college and our bathroom was one of the hardest things to fit items in with 4 other girls. Of course it was because there are so many thing that you need to try to fit into such a small square footage. No matter what size of your bathroom, there is probably a spot where you can squeeze a shelf or two to help with towels, extra toilet paper or whatever you may have. Not sure you can add any extra storage in your tiny bathroom? I have some ideas that might surprise you!

(Image credit: Laurey W. Glenn for Southern Living)

  1. Corners – Do you have a small corner? Looking at Southern Living’s photo, try to squeeze in some corner shelving! Think above your head as a spot for corner shelves that can be up high! I love this idea with adding corner shelves on the other side of this sink instead of baskets because it keeps your items off the ground. Plus, who wants to kick a basket around when they are trying to get ready?! Add your small towels to grab and go!

  2. Under the Sink- If you have a vanity that may not have a lot of storage at the top, why not check under the sink for more room? I will use clear storage bins and label them with items that I have inside so I can easily see what it in each bin instead of having to dig through! It’s such a great time saver! If you’re living with roommates, I would suggest each person can have their own container with personal items in there so no one is getting confused.

  3. Use A Ladder- I try to find items that I may not always need in my home and this adorable ladder looks perfect in a bathroom.You might think it would take a lot of room but it’s a great piece to hang towels, or use with baskets for extra storage ( and we all need more storage in those tiny rooms! ) You could even add some cute decor pieces like pictures or items from trips you’ve taken.

Image: Premier Surfaces

  1. Countertops- If you have a gorgeous countertop then add some small storage items to help with the clutter. My favorite countertops are from Premier Surfaces Chattanooga because they customize all their marble, granite, limestone to fit your bathroom needs! This company provides the absolute best quality countertops and an unbeatable experience. They import their stone directly and work with reputable granite suppliers in the local market which means that you get access to only the best and at a great price point! For instance, I love how this countertop has endless amounts of storage with their vanity to put away items like a hairbrush or hair dryer. However, they were able to use the countertop to their advantage with a towel, a mirror and extra amenities to add their personal touches. It doesn’t’ seem over cluttered.

  2. Look Above – A friend of mine suggested that if you really don’t have any room on any of the walls of your bathroom, to think looking up for storage ideas! She has a few racks above her bathroom door that holds her towels, toilet paper and extra shampoo and conditioner to help keep items in their proper place but also to help keep her bathroom walkable. You could even think of adding a few shelves above your toilet to help maximize some space!

There are so many possibilities when it comes to adding storage to a small bathroom. Hooks are also a great idea to hang your robe or towels on the backside of your door to keep things looking as clean and organized as possible! It can certainly be frustrating having such a small space but using it wisely is key! So tell me, friends, if you have a small bathroom yourself, how will you use the space to your advantage? What ideas will you have to make it as less frustrating as possible? Whatever your choices, make it your own! I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to do!

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