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Hello everyone!  I get a lot of questions about Math resources and curriculums.  Learning online has been a popular resource in the home school network for years, but seems to be gaining popularity in both public schools as well.  I am thrilled to share with you another Math resource that I was blessed to be able to review  A+Interactive Math, Family Math.

What exactly is A+Interactive Math?  It is an online math curriculum that is successful through its use of multi-sensory presentations.  Throughout the lessons it uses audio, visual and kinesthetic to help kids grasp the math concepts that is being taught.  This approach is used from kindergarten through Algebra 1!

We were given the Family Math Curriculum to review.  You can read more HERE on their website about what Family Math is.

Bookworm (my oldest) enjoys online learning.  I try to limit screen time but he craves it.  I thought this program may be a good fit for him as “extra” work.  Presenting him with the opportunity to get online online to work on the math, while feeding his addiction to be on the computer, all the while learning, is a win-win, right?

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We hovered mostly around the 5th grade math during this review.  What I discovered was that A+Interactive Math is much more in-depth than other programs that we used.  Although he is comfortable jumping in somewhere in the middle of this curriculum, it’s me with the issue of starting at the beginning of a new curriculum.  LOL!  We (French for me) decided to go back and start at the beginning of 5th grade.  I felt this would also serve as a good review for him since we had moved twice in the last year.

Bookworm is getting to the age that school doesn’t “excite” him as much anymore, or so he says.  LOL However, with A+ Interactive Math, he is asking to do Math!  Now is that because it is online or because of the program itself?  Well, I think it’s both.  We all know through trial and error that kids will lose interest in something if the program isn’t interesting.  Even though he enjoys being on the computer, if the math curriculum was boring, Bookworm wouldn’t ask to do the Math.

I am finding that some gaps that Bookworm had are able to be filled with this program and I am also finding that he is really enjoying it!


Included in this program are worksheets that can be printed for extra practice.  I have used other math programs before that are online and many of them do not have extra worksheets.  With those programs, if a child doesn’t understand a concept then they either have to continue with the program or travel back toward the beginning of the program.

We really like this program!  The animated lessons make it fun and entertaining while engaging Bookworm to learn.

I almost failed to mention that this program also comes with downloadable lesson plans!  For those of us who are not the greatest lesson planners, this is an added bonus.

I can not say enough about this program.  It is laid out remarkably well for my kids!

Freebies people love are:

Free Software Download:  http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/get-free-homeschool-math-curriculum-software.jsp

Free Single Grade Level: http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/get-free-homeschool-math-curriculum-program-online.jsp

Free eBook: http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/get-free-homeschool-math-curriculum-ebook.jsp

Additional Information:

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A+Interactive Math offers a  lot of freebies for homeschool families to help ensure this program is a good fit for children prior to making a purchase.  Below are two of their most popular freebies:

Free Math Placement Test: http://www.aplustutorsoft.com/get-free-homeschool-math-curriculum-placement-test-online.jsp

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