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I grew up listening to Billy Graham sermons and crusades. He was one of my Hero’s of the Faith. A few years back, Clay and I were blessed to attend a Military conference at The Cove. It was wonderful experience and we learned more there about his walk with the Lord. A month or so ago, Reverend Graham went home to be with the Lord at the young age of 99. He was one of the most influential heroes of the faith that has ever lived. He was able to preach in hundreds of countries, all over this United States, and through his crusades he led millions to the Lord.




Since I was so blessed to live in a time when he was actively preaching and teaching, studying his habits was a good way to reflect on my own life and Bible study skills. From my research and a few articles, I have gathered that Rev. Graham adhered to several study habits in his daily life.

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In this article here it talks about 7 ways we can Study the Bible More Like Billy Graham. Here’s a few tips they list…

  1. Read 5 Psalms Everyday
  2. Read One Chapter of Proverbs Everyday 
  3. Read the Gospels Regularly 
  4. Study the Bible with Commentaries AND Modern Translations
  5. Constantly Return to The Acts of The Apostles
  6. Annotate Throughout the Bible
  7. Let the Truth Impact You by Meditating on the Truths You Read Throughout the day

As homemakers, we may feel as if there is not enough time in the day to read the Bible, but don’t let that discourage you. You, too, can think and reflect on the study habits of Rev. Graham and find ways to incorporate those into your daily study habits. I am also sharing a few ideas of my own below. Don’t let the business of life and homemaking stop you from pausing, taking time to reflect and study God’s inerrant word.  

Ask God for Guidance

Before you open your Bible, take a moment to pray. Thank the Lord for your blessings and then ask for guidance as you read through the scriptures. Sometimes we try to take control and hold tightly onto the events happening in our lives that we forget to ask the Lord for help. Include Him in your life by taking this time to step back and let Him take the lead.  

Be Free of Distractions

The time that you spend with the Lord to read your bible should be free from distractions. Dedicate a time around your hectic schedule for those few moments of quiet reflection. The best times tend to be in the early morning before others awake. If you have young ones, find time during their nap or when they are focused on their playtime. Let your children and spouse know that this is a time for you to spend with the Lord.

Meditate on Your Reading

While you read the scriptures, take time to stop and reflect on what you are learning. What is the passage trying to say? And how can you relate your life to the passage? Feel free to ask yourself questions and ponder. By meditating, you will focus and retain what the Lord is trying to convey to you through the passage that you are reading. There is always a message in the words of God, and it is our job to receive His message so that we can apply it to our daily life as we work towards living a God-Centered life. Set up that war room and pray.

Read Different Translations

There have been significant advances in our understanding of languages and history through historical discoveries and studies of ancient texts. With these advancements, the bible has gone through some different transformations as we obtain this increase in information. As a result, there are now hundreds of different types of translations of the bible. By comparing the different text, you might be able to create a more unobstructed view of what the scripture is trying to relay. Languages have transformed over generations, so many of the modern versions have been designed to help people understand the message instead of trying to understand the older language of our ancestors.

Listen to Audio Readings of the Bible

It is essential to find time to read your bible daily, but you can also squeeze in some time throughout the day by adding in some audio readings while you are completing some of your other daily tasks. Whether you are washing the dishes, folding laundry, riding in the car, or even exercising, you can take these moments to listen to readings and discussions of the bible. Not only will you be adding to your daily readings, but by letting the Lord have a few more moments with you, you will be able to feel his warmth and love to help keep you motivated throughout the course of your day.

Keep a Journal

To retain God’s word from the scriptures, you not only have to read it, but you need to study it. There have been times when I was reading over text and realized that I didn’t understand what I was reading because I wasn’t entirely engaged in the reading. There are a few ways that you can keep a journal and record your studies of the bible. Some people find it comforting to write on the pages you are reading. They personalize it by highlighting passages, writing notes, and decorating their favorite messages from the Lord. Others have a journal separate from their bible where they can write notes about what they are thinking or how they felt about a passage. The way that you study the scripture is going to be dependent on your learning style and what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t forget that each month I have a Bible study that I share with all my readers for free! This study will help you to be able to journal through the Bible! 

Be Consistent

To help you be consistent with your bible readings, schedule a time for your readings. Don’t just tell yourself that you will commit to reading every day, instead write it down in your calendar and book yourself an appointment. That might sound comical, but it is a way that you can commit yourself and dedicate daily time to the Lord. You can also get the whole family involved. Share with your family what you are reading and pull them into a discussion. As your family observes you dedicating your time they may want to accompany you during your readings.


I hope these tips will help you with your journey towards studying the Bible and understanding the word of God. By inviting the Lord into your life every day you can strengthen your faith and humbly let the Lord help you with the daily challenges that you face.


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